At Folie Voyage, we believe that a business trip can be an incredible experience. This is why we guarantee a qualified and efficient service, meeting all the requirements of the corporate world and seeking the satisfaction of our clients. We customize dynamic solutions for executives, employees and customers throughout France.


With family or friends, the organization and the right addresses ensure the success of a trip. Therefore, through careful planning, we identify your expectations and desires and prepare your itinerary. Whether through gastronomy, shopping or the most popular addresses, you will get to know the Paris that you wish for by those who really understand the city. And to expand your trip, we can prepare a tour around France too!


  • Customized itinerary
  • Gastronomic itineraries with reservations in the best hotels and restaurants
  • Recommendations and reservations of apartments
  • Tasting local products
  • Picnics
  • Cultural visits
  • Theme tours: historical monuments; Street art; Medieval Paris; French cuisine; Street Food; Mall; City tour; Art, Shopping, Monuments and Exclusives and Secrets of Folie Voyage.
  • Transfers to airports, train and driver stations where and when you need them
  • Transport and travel throughout France
  • Dinners and receptions in your apartment
  • Attendance and reception for foreign students

Who we are

Claudia Gazel

Claudia Gazel

An ex-lawyer who gave up the corporate world to follow her passion. In 2009 she started her own blog, “A Viagem Certa” using her experience as a columnist and collaborator of several magazines in Brazil (Go Where Luxo, Go Where Gastronomia, Viagem e Turismo, Casa Vogue Online) to write about her own travel and gastronomic experiences.
In 2010 she created the online guide Viva Paris which includes tips for unconventional tours. She has also worked for a seasonal accommodation agency targeting Brazilian clients.
Claudia now creates personalized tours for Brazilians which focus on alternative restaurants, bistros, markets, bars, shows and many exhibitions. Her specialties include gastronomy and art.

Aureliana Garreau

Aureliana Garreau

After 10 years as an account manager at a top advertising agency in São Paulo, Aureliana Garreau travelled across the globe to do a Master’s degree in Paris and ended up making it her home. She graduated in French culture at the University of Bordeaux, and completed a Master’s in Cultural Tourism at Sorbonne, Paris. With a passion for travel, Aureliana chose to delve into the world of tourism using her experience working in communication agencies specializing in Brazilian tourism in Paris to develop bespoke packages through Parci Parla right in the heart of the “city of lights”. She specializes in exclusive angles and locales for children, organizing exciting activities and expanding the cultural universe of families in Paris. Aureliana believes travelling with children should be fun and cultural and incorporates this seamlessly into her tours.


With the talent and collaboration of both Claudia Gazel - specializing in tailor-made itineraries, and Aureliana Garreau - specializing in museum tours with children, a new company was born. “Folie” like the English word “folly” means foolishness or madness, evoking a feeling of loss of control or reason, passion or extreme enthusiasm. As the name implies, our goal is to make the traveller fall madly in love with France, as our founders have. For this reason we guarantee each guest is made to feel special and each trip feel unique. Our proposal is for you to not only get to know France, but to savour French culture. With all the passion we feel for France we believe you deserve the ultimate experience to heighten your senses.

At Folie Voyage we strive to meet the expectations of each and every client, by incorporating your specific wishes and connecting you with the best of French culture, history and gastronomy. Yes, with our tailor-made tours you will fall madly in love with France and every minute of your trip will be unforgettable!

Our greatest assets are our impeccable organisational skills, our thorough knowledge of the local culture, our hand-picked list of enticing locations, our enthusiasm and of course, our positive attitude. Our only wish is for you to arrive with an open mind and an open heart!


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